Fucking in the kitchen

As you stand at the counter waiting for the coffee maker, I rest my hands on your shoulders and pull you softly against me. Your skin is cool as my thumbs and fingers squeeze and knead your tense muscles. As I rub, you twist and stretch your neck, inviting me without words to rub you there as well. My hand is beneath your hair. My palm and fingers gently pinch and caress you. You sigh and press your head back against me.

I crane my neck and kiss your temple. My left hand drops down around your stomach. Your hands grip my arm and squeeze it against you. You turn your head and we kiss. I move my right hand from your neck and let it trail down your side, sliding it around you and down to your crotch. You sigh and press against my chest. It feels good.

I love how smooth you feel there. My finger wriggles down between your outer lips, brushing along your clit and then up into you. You respond to my probing with a little moan and your tongue.

Your right hand is on mine now, pressing it firmly against your cunt. Your left encourages my arm up your body to your breasts. My left hand cups your right breast, my fingers and thumb pinch and pull at your nipple, hard and bumpy. My cock is hard between your ass cheeks. You rock back and forth against it, turning me on. “I want to fuck you so badly,” I whisper in your ear. We turn now to face each other, arms around one another, and begin kissing harder.

The coffee is long forgotten as I help you up onto the counter. Your little feet, with their small sweet toes are on the edge. You spread your knees to let me get close to you. I lean in and kiss your mouth. Our tongues swirling together and our breaths mixing. I reach between my own legs and begin stroking my cock. I pull my mouth from yours and turn to reach a chair from your kitchen table, placing it before you.

I sit and place my hands on the soft skin of your inner thighs, mesmerized by your gorgeous cunt. The folds of your inner lips peeking out from your swollen outer ones. Your face already has that beautiful dreamy look when I ask you to spread yourself for me. Your hands appear on either side of your pussy and open it, exposing the dark edged lips and pink wet interior. I fall on you, starving, aching to have my mouth pressed tight against you.

My tongue is inside you, fucking you, moving in and out of you. It strains from my mouth for you. I hear your head bang against the cabinets and from the corners of my eyes see your feet bending up. My heart is racing. My hand is working up and down my cock as I kiss your cunt deep. When I pull my tongue from inside you I replace it with the index and middle fingers of my left hand. My tongue finds your clit and massages it while my fingers rub the roof of your pussy.

Your eyes are squeezed shut and your breathing is fitful. Your cunt clenches my fingers as I lap at the nub of your clit. You’re been ready to cum and I look up and watch in wonder as your throat becomes flushed. I love everything about you as you cum like this – the way your heels begin to beat on the countertop, the way your right hand pushes my head hard against you, the way your left hand squeezes and pulls and pinches your tits, the way your head flips from side to side and the way loud breaths and moans and squeals burst out of you. The way your ass bounces and bucks.

Now my hands are on your hips, pulling your from the counter and down onto my lap. You anxiously reach between us to find my cock and feed it into your hungry cumming cunt. You pounce on me. Every landing forces a loud moan from you. My hands are still on your hips pushing you hard against me. Our faces are together – not even kissing, just pressing. My balls are boiling. As I cum into you, an inarticulate shout escapes my mouth. You rock on me and I feel your hand reach between us once more – pressing your clit to prolong the pleasure, trembling around me.

Your flushed face is still frozen in a look of agony and pleasure. Slowly I watch it relax and a smile spread across it. Then we kiss. Climbing off me you turn back to the counter and restart the process of making coffee. I sit and watch you and catch my breath. 

“Drink this,” you tell me as you hand me a steaming cup and sit sideways across my thighs.

The coffee turns to idle chit chat. Friendly, fun of no consequence. I look over your bare skin and see the goosebumps on your arms and breasts and thighs. I reach and put my empty cup onto the counter.

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I want to eat you from behind while you cum and then fuck you hard

I want you on your belly with your ass in the air. I want to watch you rub your cunt for me. I want to see you spread it with your fingers and rub along your lips to get it nice and wet. I want to see you tremble a little as you get more and more excited. I want you to put your fingers in your pussy and fuck yourself with your hand. I want to hear the wet slurping noise it would make.

While you’re doing that I get on my knees behind you. My balls rest on the wrinkled skin of your soles. I wipe my hand along your cunt to get it wet and then wrap it around my cock and start pumping myself while watching your left hand go in and out, in and out while your right fingers twist and push against your clit. I love to see you like this, with your right cheek on the bed, eyes closed, breathing heavy.

Wet and almost dripping, I want to taste you like that. I lean forward with my cock still in my right hand and put my left hand on your left ass cheek and push you open. I see your asshole stretch as I bring my mouth to it, licking it all over and feeling your wriggle under my kisses. I let my tongue work its way into you – pushing against your tight ring of muscle. I move my head hard and fast – keeping my tongue in you – working you with the weight of my upper body pushing it deep into your ass.

I feel the back of your left hand against my throat as your work yourself faster. As you fuck yourself faster. As you get more and more excited by the feeling of my tongue fucking your asshole, my balls resting on your soles, my left hand pushing and moving your ass, your fingers sliding in and out of your set pussy, your fingers rubbing your clit.

I pull my face away to look at the wet between your legs – streaking and dripping with my spit and your cunt mess. I slap your cunt to let you know it’s next. I lean down again and lick around your asshole again and then move my mouth down toward your quivering pussy. It’s contracting, your muscles push against your hand.

My heart pounds as my mouth moves to your cunt: excited, wet, swollen lips. I pull out your hand and slap you again. My mouth is down close. I smell you. I want to taste you and eat you and make you cum with my mouth and lips and tongue. I whisper this loud enough for you to hear. I hear your soft voice moan my tongue enters you.

Immediately I feel a spasm against me. The taste, texture, temperature and sensation of licking and pushing into you with my tongue makes me groan. I lean back to look at you there on the bed – spread and aching and exciting and shaking and moaning. I wipe you with my right hand to wet it for my cock. I go back to stroking it and slide the fingers of my left hand into you and begin pushing in hard and deep – virtually my whole hand disappears in you. You rock hard against my hand trying to get my fingers deeper into your sopping pussy.

As I fuck you with my hand I give your asshole my tongue again. That’s the last spark. You collapse onto the bed and grind, grind against your frigging fingers, grind against my pushing hand. I drop to my belly, pull my hand from you, spread you now with both hands and press my face against your jerking cunt. You gasp as I tongue and suck you. I feel you pressing against me, your pussy going up and down fast, fast against my face.

A sharp shriek, a fresh flow of wet and a faster movement of your hips lets me know your cumming. Cumming for me. Cumming into my mouth as I suck and lick and fuck you with my tongue. I suck and lick and fuck and suck your cunt. It’s spasming against me, flooding my face with juice for me to lick and suck and swallow. Your face is pressed into the bed. You’re screaming now. I won’t stop eating you. I want to keep you cumming as long as I can.

You struggle a bit but my hands hold your hips down as my mouth keeps working you. I can feel your fingers still pressing your clit. Your legs are stiff as boards – making little jerks and twitches as your body is wracked by your orgasm. My mouth is kissing you hard and fast – sucking and licking you deep inside. It’s driving you wild. It’s driving me wild. I want you. I want to give you my cock now. I want to feel your pussy grab it and hold it while I fuck you hard. Fuck you hard against the bed.

I pull my face away and hear you moaning loud. Your pussy is red and swollen and moving – aching for something to fill it. I am on my knees and give my cock a stroke. My left hand is on your back. My right pressing the tip of my dick against your waiting cunt. I push deep into you with a single hard thrust. I hear your scream into the bed again. I fuck you hard. Your feet are waving and smacking against the bed. We fuck for as long as I can stand – which isn’t long.

With a loud groan I let loose and let my cum burst into you. Your body convulses under me as I drain myself deep inside you. My body trembles, my heart pounds, I can barely breathe. I pull out and collapse backwards. I watch as my cum dribbles out of your pussy and onto your fingers – still pressed tightly against your clit. Your body shakes as waves of orgasm continue to pass through you.

I reach between your legs and scoop the mess from your pussy. “Look at me,” I say. You turn your head to let me see your face -red and with the imprint of the sheets on your skin. You’re panting. “Open your mouth,” I tell you, “I want to feed you.” Your eyes are still closed but your mouth opens and your tongue comes out. I move beside you and put my palm to your mouth. You suck and lick the wet mess and cum from my hand. I put my dick there now and you kiss and clean it for me. It feels so good to have you suck the last drops of my cum from my spent cock.

I move to lie beside you and cradle you  in my arms. We sleep.

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At the lake

The sun has only just come up. Birds are starting to stir and sing. It’s the quiet morning time I love. I slip from our bed and dress quietly. You look so beautiful and peaceful sleeping without stirring as I pull the door closed. I go into the kitchen and make a pot of coffee, pour myself a cup and make my way outside.

Mist is rising over the lake as I sit in the old Adirondack chair. My turns mind returns to last night, to making love with you. My eyes close and I bring your face into focus, seeing it as you came, seeing it as I filled you with my cock and cum. It makes m smile and my heart beat faster. I open my eyes and have a sip of coffee – wishing you were here to share this moment.

I year you on the path, walking quietly through the cool morning air. When your lips touch my neck I am thrilled by the sensation. You step before me, wrapped in our comforter. I smile and you open the blanket, exposing yourself to me. Your sweet round breasts, with their taut little nipples draw my eyes but soon they move down your body, over your belly and to the bare skin around your pussy. I reach for you, my hands on your waist, and pull you to me. You step to me, spreading your legs, and sit astride me.

You wrap the comforter around my shoulders and we begin to kiss, softly at first, but our desire builds as our tongues touch and our lips press more tightly together. My dick is swelling as you rub yourself against me. It feels so warm – your hot pussy and the friction of you grinding – I want to be in you again, I want to feel you grip me, I want to feel the motion of our bodies as we merge into one and melt together in pleasure. I want you badly and I want you now.

I begin caressing your back and neck and shoulders, letting my hands and fingers slide along you soft, goose-pimpled skin. Our kisses continue and become more insistent, our tongues probing each other’s mouths – touching. It’s so good. My hands now are between us, fondling your breasts. I love them. I bring my fingers to your mouth and you stretch out your tongue to lick them, running it along the length of them before drawing each one into your mouth to suck. It’s such an exciting feeling. I imagine how your mouth made my cock feel last night and there’s another surge in my pants. You can feel it to and rub harder and faster.

I reach again for your breast and grip your nipples tight, giving them a pinch, a twist and a tug. You jerk and let out a gasp. I love when your body tightens up when I touch you like that. You’re grinding my so hard now, I can feel the wet from your pussy. It’s soaked through my jeans and has reached my dick. Your hands are on my head, in my hair, stroking me as we kiss. My hands find their way to the cool soft skin of you ass, kneading you, spreading your cheeks and feeling your twisting in excitement, twisting against my aching cock.

You reach down between us and free me from my pants. I’m so excited, almost ready to explode. Your cunt, dripping, smears along me. My heart is pounding now, wanting you. I kiss your face and throat and chest as you lower yourself onto my throbbing cock – slowly, so slowly – until I am fully engulfed by your sweet sweet pussy. The way you’re moving on my is incredible, you make small excited sounds as we continue to fuck.

The pace is slow at first but as I take your hips in my hands we begin moving together faster. Your eyes are slits as our bodies move in rhythm, faster and faster. Your lean your forehead against mine, your hair hangs around both our faces. The excitement is building, burning between us. I lift my hips to meet you as you drop your body down against me. The slapping sound of our bare skin, the wet sounds coming from between our legs seems so loud in the quiet morning air. I can feel your excitement building even more. Mine is as well. I feel your thighs and ass trembling against me as I slide in and out of your hungry cunt.

“Cum with me,” you moan, “Cum with me. Cum . . .” Your words trail off and are replaced by mounting moans as I can feel your body gripped by the throes of orgasm. Your orgasm sets me on fire. I thrust up and into you as hard and deep as I can. My ass and balls clench as I begin filling your throbbing pussy with a load of my cum. I cry out as my body is wracked with pleasure. I love filling you.

Our bodies are still spasming as we hold each other, breathless, in the cool morning air. Our chests are together and I can feel your heart beating in mine. It’s such a satisfying and peaceful feeling. Our lazy looks and kisses continue until your rest your head on my shoulder and we sit silently together, lost in the moment and each other.

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Art Adventure Fuck

Fall is in the air. Cool days are giving way to crisp nights. Yesterday we talked on the phone and made a plan for an “artistic adventure” fuck. We were so conspiratorial about the whole thing. It made my day. Now I am wandering through the galleries of the Musee Des Beaux Arts and checking the time on my phone every few minutes, waiting to move to our rendezvous point.

I’m wearing loose-fitting jeans and have gone commando as agreed. Just thinking about what’s next has me excited. I can’t wait to see you and feel you and fuck you. Doing it in the open as we’ve planned has my heart racing and head spinning.

It is just after 11:00. The doors opened only a few minutes ago. I have less than 20 minutes to look inconspicuous and reach my destination. I amble anxiously from gallery to gallery. I see nothing. Thoughts of you are all that fill my mind. It’s 11:17. Six minutes until we meet. I make my way to level three.

I see you ahead of me but try not to rush. It was just the back of your long black jacket with your blonde hair flowing over the collar and shoulders. My heart pounds as I enter the exhibit on Napoleon. As I pause to look at the statue of Josephine I watch as you walk through the empty next room and into the final space of the gallery to wait.

It’s early still so most other visitors are still on the lower levels or heading to the Tom Wesselmann exhibit set to close in October. I walk through the next room and think I can smell you in the air. Your leaning against the window in the final room smiling at me but gently, without a clear look of recognition. You’re very good at this cloak and dagger stuff.

I am in the final room and take a micro-moment to admire the marble bust of Napoleon that dominates the room. I take more than a few minutes to admire you. You’ve followed our plans to a T. Your black turtleneck is tight and follows the curves of your breasts perfectly. The hem of your red plaid skirt falls modestly just above your knees and your knee high high heel boots fit your calves snuggly. Your black jacket reaches just below the top of your boots. You look so inviting.

For all the wonder of your outfit (and what lies beneath it) it’s your face that captivates me. Framed by your wavy blonde hair, it beckons me. Your brown eyes smile at me from beneath your shapely eyebrows. Your lovely nose and perfect lips complete the picture, filling the narrow shape of your face. You’re smiling at me, beaming.

Now you stand beside me, pressing your body slightly against mine. “Was the devil in the details?,” you whisper. Confused, I look at you, “what?” “I was trying a code.” I stifle a laugh and brush your hand with mind. “Was there anyone behind you?,” you ask. “No, the coast was clear,” I say. We walk innocently to a bench along a window overlooking Rue Sherbrooke.

I sit and you stand in front of me, facing away, as I quickly undo my belt and unbutton my pants. My dick is already getting hard as I imagine being inside you. You look over your shoulder and smile. “Looks go good,” you say as your spread the tails of your jacket and lower yourself to me. As you do you hike up the back of your skirt. I can see the pale skin of your ass. I love it. Your fingers wrap around my dick and press the tip against your pussy lips.

You sigh as you stroke my head back and forth along your slit. I can feel your wet seeping out onto me as you do. With one hand holding my cock, you use the other to spread yourself and then ease down onto me slowly, moaning as my cock slides into your tight cunt.

I love the feeling of the slick walls of your pussy around my dick: warm and soft and strong. You gently rock your hips on me and squeeze me. You do it so well, clenching and unclenching the muscles deep inside you to massage me. We both look anxiously through the galleries to see if anyone is approaching. There’s no one.

I wrap my arms around you and slip my right hand between your legs to touch you and me left under your shirt to play with your tits. My fingertips are inside the right cup of your bra, squeezing your breast and nipple. “Faster,” I whisper, “fuck me faster before anyone sees us.”

You respond by moving on me more quickly, rolling and twisting your hips as I rock myself in and out of you. I clench your breast, bury my face in your hair and begin to cum. You sigh long and low as I empty my balls deep inside you. Your body relaxes down around me. We sit like this for a few seconds before we hear faint voices coming from a few rooms away.

As you stand and pull the hem of your skirt back down I tuck my slick dick back into my pants and close them up. I stand beside you. We both have dopy smiles on our faces and we kiss, take each other’s hands and walk back through the exhibit. As we step onto the escalator I hear your whisper “fuck” under your breath. “What’s the problem?,” I ask. “You’re dripping out of me,” you explain.

I look and see a thin stream of your wet and my cum, mixed together, moving along the inside of your knee and down your boot. “That’s so fucking hot,” I tell you as we walk out onto the late morning street.

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Fucking your feet

As I walk into your living room the first thing I see are your bare legs and feet resting on the coffee table. They’re so beautiful it takes my breath away and I stop in my tracks to admire them and enjoy the feeling of my dick getting hard, pressing against my pants.

Your legs and feet are pale. Your heels and soles are splotched pink and your pedicure is dark, almost black, getting ready for the fall. The contrast of the polish and your skin is striking. Your feet are compact. Not small necessarily but certainly not long and thin. I suppose they’re round in a way. But you know what I mean. Your toes are beautifully full and plump – perfect for sucking.

“Hello?,” you call, looking over your shoulder at me, “are you going to say anything or are you just going to stand there all day?” Your voice calls me back.

“Yeah,” I say, “I really want to fuck your feet. They look dynamite today.” Your blush and close your book.  “I see,” you smirk, “and what makes you think that’s something I might let you do.” The edge in your voice, and the way you’re starting to stretch and point your toes, arch your soles (and  your eyebrow) tell me we’re about to have some fun.

“It’s Wednesday,” I say, “and I’ve decided that means my wish is your command.” That makes you laugh. A good sign. “Well,” you sigh, “that’s not exactly my understanding of Wednesday; but if you’re willing to pamper the a bit I suppose you can touch them with your cock.” For a half a second I swoon, hearing you talk that way while continuing to show off your feet and toes is almost too much. “Go and get some oil and a towel. Quickly, before I change my mind.”

I drop my bags and go into the kitchen. I grab the first oil I see, a bottle of olive oil, and a hand towel by the sink. “Not a hand towel,” you call, not having seen but knowing me well, “get a proper one from the bathroom.” When I return to the living room, you’re naked. The soles of your feet are together and your knees are apart. Both your hands are between your legs, spreading and massaging your pussy.

“You say your wish is to fuck my feet and I’ve decided to grant it. Too bad,” you say with a little shutter as you push three fingers into your cunt, “my pussy is good for fucking too. Another time I suppose.”

My cock is throbbing and I begin to undo my pants. “What do you think you’re doing?,” you ask, quickly pulling your feet from the table and crossing your legs. “Do you plan on just pulling it out and wanking off on me? I said ‘pamper’ and that’s what I meant.”

My heart is pounding. “Right,” I tell you, “pamper, I can do that.”

“I know you can,” you coo, “lets try staring over, shall we?”

You tell me to spread the towel on the coffee table. When I have you stretch your legs out again and resume rubbing yourself. I take a seat on the table, spreading my legs with your feet in the V of my crotch. I pick up your right foot and begin to massage it gently, kneading your sole with my thumbs. Your skin turns pale and pink as the pressure comes and goes. I rub your heel and make my way now toward your toes.

You smile at me. Your nipples are tight and your fingers in your pussy are making a wet and dirty sound. “You’re doing very well,” you say in a quiet breathy voice, “keep going and you’ll win today’s prize.” The fingers of your left hand work in and out while the fingers of your right press and twist on your clit. Watching you get excited only increases my own excitement. It’s hard to stay focused but I do.

I bring your right foot to my face and softly kiss the bottom of your heel. As I move along your sole the skin feels so soft on my lips and tongue and face. You close your eyes and rest your head on the back of the couch. “That’s good,” you murmur and my mouth reaches the ball of your foot. I let my tongue slide across the bottoms of your toes and your curl and press them into my face. I kiss the tips of each toe, bringing them briefly into my mouth and caressing them with my tongue.

You stretch and spread them for me to lick and kiss. Your toes are so tender and feet so petite that I am able to put them all in my mouth at once. It makes you giggle. I feel your left foot now pressing on my dick. Rubbing me through my pants. Your eyes are still closed and your hands are moving faster. I can see the beginning of flush through the pale pretty skin of your chest. I know it will rise, like the red of a termometer, until it reaches your throat and cheeks. I know the flush will turn into blotches by the time you cum. I love being able to watch your excitement grow and glow so visibly.

I put your right foot into my crotch and pick up your left. I cover it with the same caresses and kisses but pay special attention the the tattoo on the top of you foot, kissing and licking the flower you got there years ago. I also let my tongue trace the circle of the ring you wear on your second toe.

Now I can see you’re very excited. Your lips are drawn and your breathing hard through your nose. You’re in your own world at this point I rest your feet on my chest and undo my pants and pull my cock out. Your eyes are slits as you watch what I’m doing. You smile and give me a tiny nod. I press your feet together with my dick between them. They’re wet from my kisses. I slide myself between them, feeling the soft wrinkles of your soles caressing me.

You arch your back, the flush bright red on your throat, three fingers banging in and out of you, glistening with the wet from inside you. I dribble some oil on the skin of my cock and your feet and fuck them faster. Squeezing them tightly together. Working myself between them with more urgency.

You snap. A long, slow, soft moan escapes and your body clenches and trembles in orgasm. Your hands are still but not relaxed. They’re tense, maintaining just the right pressure in just the right places for you to keep cumming. The sight of you like this, the feeling of your feet on my cock, push me over the top. I move your feet and my dick in rhythm until a jet of cum sprays out of me and across the top of your right foot.

I groan and jerk my cock onto the toes of your right foot while your gently prod my balls with your left. In moments I am empty and panting. You’re eyes are open, your face glowing. “I love seeing you cum,” you say softly. “I love cumming,” I say, my own voice faint and hoarse. You smile and reach for your right ankle. Twisting and stretching your bring your foot to your mouth and lick and suck it clean of my cum. The sight of you doing that turns me on so much that I have to taste you too.

I drop to my knees on the floor and press my face against your hot wet cunt and kiss is hard and deep. Your body bucks against my face and your legs are suddenly over my shoulders pushing me toward you. I put my fingers in and stroke. You tense up and scream, writhing against me. After a few moments your hands are on my head pushing me away.

“Enough,” you pant, “enough.” I sit beside you on the couch and we kiss. Your legs resting again on the towel on the table. My dick limp hanging from my pants. We lean our heads together and enjoy the closeness and quiet of the moment.

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Cum Play – Sauna Fuck

This meeting is boring as hell. I look around the room for distraction. Distraction in the form of you sitting across from me. Distraction in the form of imagining fucking your brains out. I pull out my phone and begin to type:

“So fucking bored”

Your phone vibrates on the table. You snatch it up and read my text. The voice on the speakerphone continues to drone. Colleagues continue taking notes. You type.

“I know. So boring.”

“Know what id like?”

“What would you like?”

“A sauna. I’d like to fuck on in a sauna right now.”

You smirk at your screen and look up at me.

“Only one problem. No sauna.”

“Not a problem. Health club down on three.”

“There’s a health club on three?”

“Yep, no one goes in.”

“And it has a sauna?”

“Yep, two, one on each side.”

“If you can get us out of here I’m in.”

I look at my phone. It’s 3:53.

“Guys,” I announce to the room, “R. and I have a hard stop at 4:00. Client call. That OK?” Murmurs of ascent and we depart.

“Drop your shit and meet me by the elevators,” I tell you. A few minutes later we’re on the third floor. I wave my fob and the door unlocks. “Wait here,” I say as I step into the locker room. Leaning out the door: “the coast is clear, come on it.”

You come into the locker room and look around as though it were a foreign land. “Come on, come on,” I say, “lets get moving.” I lead you through the showers to a heavy wooden door with a small glass pane. “This is it,” I tell you, “lets go in.” You begin to undress. “No, no,” I say, “lets play a little game in there.” You look at me quizzically but follow me in fully dressed. I like what you’re wearing today. A cute short floral print skirt, a black scoop neck shirt with short sleeves and little ballet flats. “Don’t worry, it will all come off soon enough.”

The room is warm but not hot. I fuck with the controls to get it working. “Here’s how it’s going to work,” I explain, “we’re going to start slow and see who can last the longest. I mean in the heat. Who can keep their clothes on the longest. Like strip poker or something.” You laugh and come close to me. We kiss. The temperature is staring to rise.

The room is small and smells of ceder. Short benches run along three walls. As we kiss I can feel sweat starting to form on my face. You face is flushed from the growing heat. “This is silly,” I tell you, “I’m going to at least take off my socks and shoes.” You ask if that means I’ve lost. I tell you “no” and toss them out into the locker room. A cool blast of air rushes in as I do. “That was a mistake,” I admit. We continue to kiss as the temperature mounts.

I can taste sweat on your face as we kiss. The hot air envelops us. My hands go under your skirt and squeeze your ass. You wrap your arms around me tight. Pulling me close and hard against you. You step out of your little shoes. Your feet are pale and pink on the floor. They always turn me on. “Sit down,” I tell you, “and open your legs.” You sit on one of the benches. I stand between your legs and reach for your right one and lift it, moving my hands from your thigh to your knee to your calf to your ankle to your foot, bringing it to my mouth.

You giggle as I kiss your sole and caress your round calf. I put your toes in my mouth and suck them. You wiggle them and giggle more. I lick your wrinkles sole. You smile and sigh and smile some more. You lift your other foot and I kiss them both, holding your ankles together. My dick is raging in my pants.

You lean forward and pull your shirt up over your head. Your body glistens with sweat. Your simple black bra provides a stark contrast to the pale skin of your breasts swelling from it. I drop your legs and lean down and in to kiss your chest and stomach. Your sweat tastes delicious. I gently pull the straps of your bra over your shoulders and you pull your arms up and through them. I pull the cups down and reach for your pale breasts with their sweet pink nipples.

They’re so soft. I love squeezing and caressing them. Squeezing and holding them. Beads of sweat are between them. I lean down again and lick them up. You’re starting the breathe harder in the hot close space of the room. I step back. “My turn,” I say, and struggle to pull off my shirt. You watch me languidly, absentmindedly playing with your right nipple. You stand, unsteadily, and turn your head to kiss my left nipple.

Your tongue on the there makes me crazy. Sometimes I think I could cum just from that, the way you lick and kiss and suck on it. I reach behind you and unclasp your bra, tossing it to the floor. As you move to my right side I reach beneath you and swat playfully at your swaying breasts. You give my right nipple a little bite that makes me moan. Your tongue is hard at it again, prodding at my nipple.

I reach down and pull up your skirt. Your panties are black, covered with tiny colorful flowers. You stand and push your skirt down over your hips and let it slide to the floor. Now you stand facing me, wearing only your panties. Your dark blonde hair sticking to your face. “What now?,” your eyes seem to ask. I undo my belt and take off my pants and boxers. My swollen cock, heavy, bobs and sways between my legs.

“Suck it a little, will you?”

You get on your knees and bring my heavy cock to your mouth. You kiss the tip and then work your way with kisses along its length. You hold it with your left hand, stroking it and kissing it but not sucking it yet. Your right hand is between your legs, tucked inside your panties. “Come on, put it in your mouth,” I say. Instead you spit on it and stroke it along your cheek. “I think I won,” you say, “I still have my panties on.” You kiss it more. “Fine,” I say, “you win. Now suck it for me a little.”

“No,” you say. “I won. I get to make the rules now.” I’d argue but what’s the point? You’re on your knees in front of me rubbing my cock on your pretty face slick with sweat. I don’t see how I can complain. Next you stand and pull off  your panties. Totally naked, sweating, we embrace again and kiss. The air is hot and dry. “What I’d like as my first prize,” you tell me, “is for you to tongue fuck my ass.” I reach around ou to cup it in my hands and spread it your cheeks. “Sounds reasonable I guess, lie down.”

You stretch out on your belly along one of the benches. I kneel behind you and spread your ass again. Your asshole is pink and wrinkled. I lean down and kiss it for you. I feel your body tense. My tongue circles your hole, running along the edge. I’m on my stomach now, knees bent  and my feet against the wall beside the door. My arms reach beneath and around you, lifting your hips and making it easier to get my mouth against you.

You squirm as I push my tongue into your ass. The muscles are tight around me as I dip and push in and out of you, licking all over your little hole. “Oh fuck,” you moan, “oh that’s good. That feels good.” I let my tongue dip into your cunt to taste you there. It’s so hot and wet. I want to eat you out and make you cum with my mouth. “Roll over,” I say. You do.

I press my mouth against your pussy and push my tongue deep inside you. Licking. Licking. Licking your inside. Making you twist and pant in the heat. I stroke your clit with my tongue, broad and hard. Your whimpering a little. You’ll cum soon. I need to as well. My dick is pressed against the warm wood of the bench. Aching. “Put your fingers in me,” you moan, “put them in there.” I do. Stroking you inside while kissing and sucking and pulling on your clit with my mouth.

Your ass is moving up and down on the bench, trying to grind your cunt harder against my face. Your hands begin slapping at the hot wood as your body twists in the release of your climax. Your tremble under my mouth as I continue to eat you out and fuck you with my fingers. The heat and orgasm have left you limp and shaking. I stand and turn you over again.

Spreading your ass, I push the tip of my dick against your asshole. I feel your fingers moving between your legs to keep yourself cumming. I let a stream of spit fall from my mouth onto your asshole and my dick. Between the sweat and the sip I’m able to push my cock into your ass. You flinch for a moment. “Relax,” I tell you, “let your muscles relax.” In the heat of the sauna your ass lets me ease into you deeper. I push into you, my hands on the bench on either side of your waist.

You squeal as I pump your ass. Your fingers, I can feel them brushing my balls as your frig yourself. Your still cumming but your thrashing under me now as I move in and out of you faster, your tight ass gripping my sliding cock, your muscles are contracting around me, squeezing me. Sweat drips off my face as I fuck you. The feeling is electric. I can’t wait. My cock is pounding you, my balls are slapping against your wet cunt and moving fingers. I let go.

In as deep as I can be, I feel my cum filling you. Warm along my shaft inside you. I pump a few more times and drain myself into you. Dizzy. Breathless. Sweating. Head spinning. I pull out. Cum trickles out your ass and to your pussy. Your reach for it as it runs along your skin, massaging it into your sweaty cunt. I collapse on top of you. Breathing hard. Panting. Feeling you quiver under me. Both sweating and spent.

A few silent minutes pass. I roll off you and stand shakily. Your sit up. A dazed look on your sweet face, hair and makeup a mess. “Kiss me, will you?,” you ask. I reach down and pull you standing. Swaying, I take you in my arms. Your mouths meet lazily and our tongues touch softly. “Let’s get dressed,” I say, and we both reach for our hot crumpled clothes from around the small hot room.

Stepping back into the relative cool of the locker room we are weak in the knees. Neither of us says anything. I’m already relishing the memories of what we’ve just done – and imagining what might be next.

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Staining your pants

One thing I love about you is how dirty you are. I jerked off thinking about you this morning. I thought about the time I stained your pants. Do you remember?

Summer but not hot yet. You’re in a tight t-shirt and tight white pants. We walk hand-in-hand along the edge of the woods near your place. It’s dusk and it feels good to be with you. I slide my hand from your and cup your ass, it’s firm curve fitting my hand. I give it a squeeze. You giggle and push your body against mine as we walk.

I use the hand on your ass to turn your toward me so we can kiss. My hands are on your hips pulling you against me and our mouth press together. Your hands are on my shoulders, holding me tight. We’re standing there in the woods, grinding against each other and kissing. You pull away for a moment to look at me and tell me how much you love playing with me. “I love it too,” I say and reach up your shirt for your breast, giving it a soft squeeze.

“I want to fuck you,” I tell  you. You lean in to me and kiss me. You tell me no, that you have something else in mind. I pull your shirt up higher and lean down to kiss you hardening left nipple. “I don’t think you’ll be able to resist,” I say, glancing up at your smiling face. You sigh. “Besides,” I say, “what could be better than fucking?”

You hold my head against your chest and explain you didn’t say what you had in mind was better, just different. You pull your shirt down and take me by the hand, leading me along. My cock is throbbing for you. You smile at me, still pulling me along, and tell me your pussy is seeping. You stop, pull your hand from mine and face me. With your left hand you pull open the front of your pants and put your right down your panties.

When you pull it out your index and middle finger are slick with your wet. You offer me your fingers. I kiss and suck them, loving the taste of your cunt. You moan as I suck but then pull your fingers back and put them down your pants again. I watch your hand moving under the fabric and a look of aroused concentration spread across your face. You wrap your left arm around me and pull me against you. I can feel your right hand working your pussy.

We begin to kiss again. Slowly at first and then faster. I reach between us to pull out my cock. I stop kissing you. “Suck me,” I say. You tell me no, you tell me you want us to masturbate there together, at the edge of the woods on the waning summer evening. Hearing you say that drives me crazy. I bring my cupped hand to your face. “Spit in it,” I tell you and you do.

I rub your warm saliva around my cock head, kiss you again and resume playing with your tits. We lean against each other like that, rubbing and frigging and stroking and sighing and moaning until I feel you tense up. You head is pressed to mine now. I hear you, in a little voice, tell me you’re staring to cum. “Oh fuck baby,” I whisper, “don’t stop, don’t fucking stop. I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum for me now baby.”

Precum is oozing out of me as I stroke. Our bodies are pressing together. You’re moaning louder and pushing against me. You jerk and cum. Your body wracks. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming too. I’m cumming for you too baby,” I tell you through groans. I let my cum flow, let it spurt out of me and onto your left thigh. I pull and twist my dick to drain my balls onto you. You sigh and say you can feel it warm, soaking through to your skin.

We kiss and smile. I tuck my cock away and you pull your fingers, wrinkled from your wet cunt, from your panties. Again you offer them to me and I taste them. You zip up. Streaks of my cum are clear on you leg. “That looks so fucking hot,” I tell you. Looking down you laugh and agree. It makes me want to fuck you.

We walk toward your place. “A drink?,” I ask. You nod. My cum still visible as we walk together hand in hand.

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Imagining You Last Night

For a while I slept. I can’t say how long. Frankly, I may have been asleep the whole night and seen you in my dream. Either way, it was a pleasure that I wanted to share with you.

In my mind you came to me as you were the first time I saw you: dressed appropriately but not wearing any panties. I loved how you flashed me at the bar, baring yourself to me and smirking. It was a very effective opening gambit. Last night, like the first night, blood flooded my cock. Your smile that night came back. So bright and big and inviting.

As I walked toward you in my imagination last night you stood and walked to me with you hand out, reaching for mine. Pulling me close and turning my hand so my palm fits over the thin fabric covering your cunt. I can feel the back of you hand brushing my hard dick. You press against me. I grope you through your skirt and our mouths meet and tongues touch. Your mouth is cool and tastes like beer. I like hour your mouth tastes. Our kisses become harder, more engaging. They make my heart beat hard in my chest and against yours.

You slide a hand into my pants. I reach under the hem of your skirt and let my fingertips brush the bare soft skin around your pussy. You’re so wet I slide a finger into you – deep – and rub the roof of your cunt. You melt against me, sighing as we kiss. I let another finger into you and use the knuckle of my thumb to massage your clit. You begin slowly stroking me as you ride my hand, softly grinding against me.

I reach up, under your shirt, and flip up the left cup of your bra. It’s funny that even though you’re bare below you wear a bra. My hand cups and massages your small firm tit. My fingers and thumb twist your nipple. I feel it getting tight and hard. I frig you with my hand harder and faster. You’re moaning into my mouth now, breathing hard.

I pull my mouth from yours and push you back until you are leaning against the wall. “Hold up your skirt and spread your legs,” I tell you. Of course you do as your told. I get down on my knees and spread you with my fingers and begin kissing your glistening pussy. Your bear down on my mouth, your body trembles and I suck your clit. You slip your sweet feet from your flip flops and rest a bare foot on my shoulder, opening yourself more for my mouth.

My tongue is wiping and rubbing your swollen lips and clip. You grind on me. I put two fingers up you and rub along the top, pumping them in and out of you, sometimes fast and sometimes slowly. You hop on one foot to get a better angle and put your hands on my head pushing my against you. I look up at your face. Your eyes are closed. You’re biting your lip. You’re breathing heavily through your nose, nostrils flaring. You look so good. I want to watch you cum. I want to feel your pussy grip me – the muscles deep in you pressing against my fingers.

Suddenly it happens. You yelp and both your legs are over my shoulders. All of your weight is resting against my face as you twist and moan and cum. I don’t stop. I can’t. I want you to cum and cum and cum for me. I want you pass out from pleasure. I want you to cry. I keep eating your fantastic cunt and fucking you with my fingers. Your body is stiff. Trembling. Aching against me. My dick is aching too. I know you’ll take good care of me.

You’re trembling still but your breathing has switched to tiny gasps. I can tell your done. I put my hands behind your thighs and move your legs off my shoulders. Your feet find the floor but your body sinks. I pull your shirt off and flip up the other cup of your bra. You lean against the wall, naked and shaking. I undo my belt and push my pants down.

You’re still in another world. “Sit up,” I tell you. Slowly you manage, eyes still closed, head lolling from side to side. “Let me see you play with your pussy,” I say as I spit into my palm and rub my cock. You’re slow to reach between your legs. “Let me see your rub your fucking cunt,” I say and stroke my hard, spit smeared dick on your soft hot cheek.

You touch your self and have a spasm as your body cums again. My hand is on your forehead, tipping your head back. You open your mouth and I push into it. You gag. I fuck your mouth. The wall keeps  you in place. My hands hold your head as I pump in and out of your face. I fuck you hard. I can feel your body banging on the wall. I pin your there with my dick, holding out as long as I can.

I pull out for your to catch your breath and then push in as deep as your throat will take me – my balls on your chin. I begin to cum. One hand is holding your throat, the other the back of your head. My cum jets out of me and into your mouth, down your throat. Your eye are clenched closed as you suck and swallow, suck and swallow. My legs are trembling and I pull my cock out of your mouth. Long strands of spit and cum connect us. Your eyes watered, your make up ran. I wipe your face with my cock. Another dribble of cum emerges. I feed it to you. You eat it readily.

Wobbling, you stand and lean against me. Your tits press against me and feel good. You rest your head on my shoulder and sigh, still trembling slightly. You wipe your mouth on my shoulder and kiss me. I wrap my arms around your bare body and hold you tight and close.

That was I imagined you last night.

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Cum Play: Driving

How long has it been since R. and I played? I think more than a year now. She got transfered and then laid off. Totally sucked for me (and her too). I can’t say I’ve even nearly forgotten her or the things we did together. She was so crazy and just loved it when I would cum for her. On her face, pussy, all over her tits, on her feet and ass and everywhere. I’d do it and then she’d rub it into her skin or suck it off her fingers or just let it run down her body. Always at work. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

This morning though she came back. I’m sitting at my desk working when there’s a knock on the door. I turn and see here at the door smiling brightly at me. She waves. “Hey,” she begins, “it’s been too too long.” I blush and get up. Walking toward her I extend my hand. She ignores that and steps close and wraps her arms around me. “Are you fucking kidding,” she whispers as she presses her body tight against mine.

Her hair is long and loose and smooth and it fills my face as she presses her head into me. Her face is tanned and she’s wearing a pale yellow tank, a long white skirt and flip flops. She doesn’t look nearly as put together as she did in the past but still beautiful beyond words. Her arms hold me tight and she lifts her face and gives me a kiss. Her mouth is cool and sweet and her tongue touches mine. We separate but she takes my hands.

Tilting her head she smiles at me. She seems almost breathless. “Oh my god I’ve missed what you did for me,” she says, “as soon as I made plans to come my pussy has been trembling. I’ve been making myself cum just thinking about you.” Like clockwork, her words make my dick hard. She reaches for it and strokes me through the fabric of my pants. “Do you want me to play with your cum again?,” she asks with a smile. My mouth dry I tell her yes.

Looping a finger around my belt she pulls me close again. “I’m glad. I have something special in mind for you – for us. Follow me.” She lets go of my belt and walks out of the office. I follow – looking over my shoulder to think if there’s anything that I needed to do. Looking at her swaying ass and bare legs and feet I realize that nothing matters.

We walk to the parking lot. “It’s a rental,” she says as we approach a sweet looking Saab convertible. She presses the key and the alarm chips off. “Get in,” she says, “I want you to drive.” I get into the car and she slides into the passenger seat beside me. “Lets put down the roof,” she suggests. The day is gorgeous and in no time we are driving. Distracted, she looks out the window. “Someplace less crowded – way less crowded,” she says as we wind through traffic.

We get onto the freeway. It’s the middle of the afternoon and we’re heading out of the city. “Much better,” she smiles as she pulls her skirt up. Her panties are tight and purple. She begins stroking herself through them. “You remember how I said I cum loud?,” she asked, “do you want to hear me cum? Do you want to hear me cum loud for you.” I look at her, smile and tell her yes.

I begin to signal for an exit. “No,” she say, “keep driving.” I stay on the highway and we go. She faces me and pulls down the front of her shirt. Her hands massage and pinch and stretch her breasts – twisting her nipples until they stand and then sucking them. Keeping my eyes on the road is getting impossible. She’s breathing through her mouth and watching the world through narrowed eyes.

“Maybe it would be safer if I was closer to you,” she suggests. Her hand is back between her legs rubbing. The crotch of her panties is wet. She pulls them to the side and dips her fingers insider herself. She takes them out shiny and offers them to me. “Taste me,” she says, “taste my pussy for me.” I suck and suck and suck them till there’s no taste left at all. She’s rubbing herself with her other hand as I do.

She begins to twist and turn toward me in her seat and unfastens her seat belt. “What are you doing,” I stammer, trying to keep my eyes on the road as she turns toward me and begins to straddle the center console. I watch, in stunned silence, as she spreads her pussy and lowers herself onto the stick shift – holding her skirt under her arm against her bare chest.

With the shift fully inside her she finishes her turn – putting on knee between my legs and the other on her now-empty seat. Her right hand is on my shoulder and she begins to grinds herself down. “We’re not stopping till I’m done,” she grunts, biting her lip and pushing herself down hard. I reach down and pull myself out, brushing her leg as I do. I can feel how taut her muscles are and I rub my cock on her bare thigh.

Her face in on my shoulder and a hand is between her leg – working her clit. I look down and see the sweet wrinkled sole of her foot. She is shouting – screaming. Her body twitches and spasms on the shift as we drive. No words, just the sound of an animal as she smashes her naked cunt against the car. Her right arm is around my head – pulling it tight to hers – using it as an anchor as she cums.

“Oh god fuck me,” she breathes into my ear, “fuck me, fuck me now.” She begins to struggle, trying to move closer. “I need to pull over,” I grunt as she presses her face against mine and kisses me through hot panting breaths. I reach between her legs and am able to grasp part of the shaft – now wet – still inside her.

As I move the shift, she follows with her hips – chirping and moaning as we slow, grinding her pussy now down on my hand. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she yells as we roll to a stop on the shoulder. Cars are passing as she pulls herself off the shift. I can hear the sucking should as it comes out. Her hand is between us – jamming me insider her. She is thrashing on me – throwing her body forward and back – screaming stilling – grinding down on my cock.

I can’t wait – I let myself go – let myself fill her jerking cunt with my cum. She is leaning back now, sobbing. Her face is a mess. Her legs are twisted in the small space of the drivers seat. It takes us moments to realize she is sounding the horn with her back. We begin to laugh and she leans forward. She has a hand on my shoulder now and another between her legs.

As she lifts off of me she cups her hand and lets the mess drip out into her palm. Heaving herself back into the passenger’s seat she uses two fingers to scoop the rest of the mess from her cunt to her hand. Leaning back in the seat, she takes my cum and across her face and through her hair. She’s streaked and wet and weak and still panting.

Licking her fingers, she smiles. “When we were apart,” she said, “I used to fantasize about you standing over me and jerking off and just covering me with your cum. I can’t tell you how many times I came imagining that.” She leans her seat back and closes her eyes. She is a wreck but so so beautiful. Catching my breath, I look at her and smile. “How long are you going to be around,” I ask. A smile crosses her lips – her eyes still closed – “I don’t know,” she begins, “that kind of depends on you.”

Her eyes open. We both smile and now laugh. “Let’s drive,” I say. “Let’s drive,” she repeats, and off we go.

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Wet Sex

As I open the door, the apartment glows with the fading light of sunset.  In the dim golden light I hear you before I see you.  I can hear your breath and the sounds you make when your fingers are between your legs.  “Come here,” you tell me as I pull the door closed.  “Come over here.”

You are on the couch.  You are wearing a tight red latex corset trimmed with black.  It pushes your breasts up and makes them so pretty.  Garters connect the corset to pale black latex stockings.  You legs are open and your hands are between them – two fingers moving in and out of you and one is petting your clit.

Your head is thrown back on the back of the couch, your eyes are half closed and your mouth – with bright red lips – is parted for your sharp breath to enter and escape.  As I come closer you tell me to stop.  “Does seeing me like this make your dick hard baby?,” you ask in a cloying voice, “does it make you want to slip in inside me and fuck me?”

I reach down and stroke myself through my pants – anticipating the feeling of being in you.  I take a step forward and begin to pull down my zipper.  Your foot is on my stomach, pushing me away.  “Not so fast,” you smile and you stand up.  I can tell by your tone that you have something in mind.  That you’re going to be in charge.  I love when you are like this.  I surrender.

You walk around me, still rubbing your clit.  Behind me now, you put your hand on my shoulder – “down” – you say gently and push me toward the floor.  On the coffee table I see several empty water bottles.  “Thirsty?,” I ask.  I am on my knees and you open your legs and walk closer, until your wet pussy hovers in front of my face.  You spread it open for me to see.

“Why don’t you slip your fingers in there to feel how wet I am baby,” you suggest.  My fingers tremble as I slip them between your lips and get them way into you.  Your hand is on my head – forcing me down between your legs.  You’re dropping yourself down on my hand – driving my fingers deeper into you.

You moan as you twist yourself down onto me.  As you pull up it makes a wet sucking sound.  “Oh god,” you sigh, “you want to taste me, don’t you?”  “Yes,” I say as you press yourself against my face – rubbing your pussy on my mouth and chin.  I touch your clit with my tongue and stroke it for you.  I can feel you push against me harder – your ass and muscles clenching.

I can feel you rocking back and forth against me, moving faster and faster, your breath getting shorter and shorter, your cunt grinding down on my hand and against my face until a shake starts in you and you cum.  You jerk against me a few more times – letting out a long, low breath.  I start to move.  “Wait, wait,” you say, still pressing against me, “there’s something I want to do.”

You step and lean back, looking down at me.  Our eyes are locked.  Suddenly there is a hissing and my face is sprayed.  I look down and you have your pussy spread wide and are pissing onto my face.  The taste and temperature of your piss in my mouth and on my face have me so hard that I just want to fuck you.

“Put your hand in me again,” you beg, “touch my clit with your tongue while I pee.”  I am doing as you say.  My face is a mess with your piss.  You twist on me harder, almost howling as you cum now, piss streaming into my mouth and down my chin, my mouth going wild on your clit and lips, you on my fingers, pushing them deep and me getting drenched as you continue to go.

You’re almost sobbing.  I stand.  You press my hand against your pussy.  I lead you into the bathroom, struggling to strip off my get clothes as we go.  I can feel your pussy throbbing on my fingers.  Your eyes are tightly closed as I bring you into the shower with me.

We let the water wash over us, our hands still locked on your clit baby, rubbing you and keeping you throbbing.  My dick is pulsing it’s so hard for you.  The water has your makeup running down your cheeks, making it look almost like you’ve been crying.  My balls are aching for relief.

Our mouths touch and we kiss, softly at first but then harder and harder.  Your tongue fills my mouth, our arms are around each other now and your pressing yourself against me.  Oh my god this is good.

I bring my hands to your shoulders and press you down.  The water beads up on your corset, your face is looking up at mine and your hand reaches for my cock.  I want your mouth, but first I want to piss on you as well.  The feeling turned me on so much I want you to have it too.  I twist your hair around my hand and pull your face back.

With my other hand I take my cock from you.  “Open your mouth,” I say.  You look up at me, knowing what is coming.  I start to piss – onto your face, my stream finding your mouth, my piss bubbling out of it and running down your breasts and body.  You close your eyes and let me spray you all over.  I begin to stroke my cock.

My piss is spent and my cock is hard.  “Open again,” I tell you, pushing my dick into your mouth and pulling your head close by your hair.  I stroke in and out of you – you’re gagging, piss and saliva drooling out around my cock while I fuck your pretty face.  “Oh fuck,” I moan, my knees almost buckling, “oh fuck,” i say again as I feel my orgasm boiling in my balls.

I press as far into you as I can and let my cum burst out.  You pull your face away to breathe and to swallow, I shoot my cum onto your face and wipe it around with my head, letting the length of my dick slide over you cheeks and nose while the last of my cum oozes onto your wet skin.

You stand, your face covered in my piss and cum.  I reach for your face to wipe it off.  You push my hand away and bring your face to mine, swallowing the last of my cum as our mouths come together as we kiss there in the shower, the warm water washing our mess away.  You rest your cheek on my chest.  “Oh god baby,” you whisper.  I hold you close and stroke your hair.

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